April 24, 2023

Autism, community and the DataFam – with Adam Mico

Adam Mico found supportive community, authentic connection and career growth as an autistic professional within the Tableau DataFam (data family).

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Adam Mico is the Principal of Data Visualization and Enablement at Moderna. He is a Tableau Visionary, 3x Tableau Ambassador, an Advisory Board Member of the Data Leadership Collaborative, and a member of the Tableau Speaker Bureau. In his spare time, he blogs, produces data visualizations, travels, and networks with the larger data community. He is autistic and supports diversity and inclusion efforts, which includes neurodiversity.   

During this episode, you will hear Adam talk about:

  • His multi-year journey to recognizing and accepting his autism
  • How he discovered Tableau and data visualization as a career interest
  • His transformative decision to “bet on himself” and leave his public sector job after 22+ years to switch careers and industries
  • Finding the Tableau community where, for the first time in his life, he felt supported and safe enough to start “unmasking” his autism as an autistic professional  
  • The surprise and honor of being recognized for his contributions to the Tableau data community
  • The “happy accident” that led him to the opportunity to write a published book 
  • How he mentors neurodivergent data professionals
  • His advice on how to connect to the Tableau community online and join the #DataFam

Follow Adam on LinkedIn and Twitter and get his book “Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification: A prep guide with multiple learning styles to help you gain Tableau Desktop Specialist certification” on Amazon.


Are you an autistic person who works in the corporate world? Join the new LinkedIn Group for Autistic Corporate Professionals, a place to share advice and experiences with navigating corporate jobs, careers and workplaces.  

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