May 16, 2022

Fabulously Tourette – with Peter Zhao

Peter Zhao has been advocating for Tourette Syndrome awareness ever since 7th grade, when he fought back against bullies who harassed him about his tics. Today he is known as “Fabulously Tourette” on social media, where he creates educational and entertaining content about Tourette’s and mental health advocacy. Peter has Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and OCD, and recently got his bipolar diagnosis.

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Content warning: Mentions of racism/racist language, suicidal thoughts and auditory hallucinations

Peter Zhao grew up in Nanjing China and then in Bayside Queens, New York. Now he lives in Long Island, New York, works in Healthcare, and is a husband and father of two sons.

Peter has Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and OCD, and recently got his bipolar diagnosis. He started to advocate for Tourette’s after he fought back against bullies in 7th grade and continues to advocate for Tourette Syndrome awareness and mental health every day.

During this episode, you will hear Peter talk about:

  • The different cultural expectations he faced in China and the US regarding his tics and mental health
  • How he finally received his bipolar diagnosis as an adult
  • His experience with managing his tics and mental health, both with and without medication
  • His journey of becoming an advocate for Tourette Syndrome and mental health, starting from 7th grade into adulthood

Connect with Peter on social media:

IG: @fabulously_tourette
TikTok: @fabulouslytourette
Twitter: @FabulouslyTour1
Facebook: FabulouslyTourette

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